The Ultimate Guide for Living a Life of Optimum Health

Free from Prescription Drugs

Randolph Leigh

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Why are so many people content with average health? Why do many remain sick and helpless, relying on doctors and health professionals alone to restore their health? Why are so many on a seemingly endless number of medications that often do little to improve the condition they are prescribed for?

Today, many likewise appear to be helpless about controlling their weight, while some are relying on quick-fix pills to eliminate symptoms instead of uncovering the real source of their health problems. One must learn to trust and rely on the power of their own mind and body. With the exception of a few acute conditions and injuries, the body IS ABLE TO RECOVER from sickness and rebuild itself to optimum health. There is no guarantee that a targeted diet and regular exercise will provide optimum health. However, having a sound mind and optimizing the body's natural healing capacity provides a better solution.

Uncover in this book

Revelations about releasing the power that already exists in your mind and body to bring you the healthy and energetic life you have always wanted.

You Will Learn...

  1. Valuable lessons on how to reach optimum health and enjoy a vibrant lifestyle.
  2. How deeply rooted thoughts in your subconscious could be stopping you from reaching your health and fitness goals.
  3. How to effortlessly reset your priorities so your health becomes the most important.
  4. The risks of relying entirely on your doctor or health professional for your health.
  5. How to train your body to thrive on foods you eat, eliminating the need to take pills.
  6. How everyday exposures may be the reason you never feel as vibrant as you should.
  7. Develop and consistently practice healthy habits effortlessly.
  1. How to improve your sleep and maintain high energy levels throughout the day.
  2. Steps to get started on a running or exercise routine and how to maximize the effectiveness of your current program.
  3. Gain deeper self-awareness, discover the causes of your health problems and make positive changes.
  4. How to take control of your stress levels and keep them in check.
  5. To discover and give yourself a great reason to remain healthy..
  6. Simple steps that will help you lose stubborn weight.
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